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How Has COVID-19 Effected Your Real Estate Contract?

What is Force Majeure?

What are My Rights? Risks? Protections? Options?

Simply put, the COVID-19 has changed business as we know it. The pandemic has created monumental disruptions in real estate and business as cancellations and delays continue to impact all industries: hotel, travel, events, professional sports tournaments, concerts, and real estate closings. 

A significant impact is that many individuals and companies are struggling to meet their obligations under their current or pending contracts.  Questions arise as to whether underlying contracts provide for a party who cannot fulfill the contract’s terms, for reasons outside of one’s control, to not be considered in default.

At Storey Law Group, P.A. our attorneys offer experienced legal counsel for businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Central Florida. We take on complex contract dispute and breach of contract cases for a diverse clientele.

An Extensive Base of Legal Knowledge

As a diverse law firm that represents a broad range of potential clients, our lawyers are well equipped to handle breach of contract cases across a spectrum of situations. Along with business and corporate law cases, we can also work to resolve real estate contract disputes and civil disputes.

As skilled negotiators and trial litigators, our professionals can address breach of contract cases involving:

  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Real Estate Purchase/Sale Contracts
  • Partnership agreements

Our lawyers come from a strong corporate background of working with national and international law firms. We have a complex understanding of corporate law and contracts, and we bring that knowledge to a personalized, boutique environment that is designed to offer meaningful guidance to clients across Central Florida. We are proud to work closely with mid-market corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent contractors to resolve disputes and protect your interests and assets.

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