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Central Florida Real Estate And Construction Liens

In the State of Florida, individuals who work on property or provide materials for that work have the right to enforce claims for payment through construction liens. This includes contractors, subcontractors, materialmen and other laborers. A construction lien may be enforced on the property to secure payment for their services and materials used. Because of the broad statutory protections offered by these liens they are typically more effective and provide quicker resolution than litigation for breach of contract.

At Storey Law Group, P.A., our commercial and residential real estate attorneys represent individuals and businesses that provide materials or services in the improvement of homes or commercial properties and we assist in the filing of construction liens. From our convenient office location in Orlando, Florida, we help workers in Central Florida protect their rights and obtain the compensation they deserve for their hard work.

Protecting Yourself With A Construction Lien

For contractors, subcontractors and others, receiving appropriate and timely compensation for work on residential or commercial properties is important and expected. Those who perform work have to pay material suppliers, wages and other expenses and may be unable to do so without receiving what is owed from property owners. By filing a construction lien against a property, you can protect what is owed to you when a property owner fails to pay.

In order to collect money via a construction lien, however, the lien needs to be filed correctly. Exact procedures and deadlines must be followed and notice must be given to the property owner according to statutory guidelines; otherwise, liens can be unenforceable. It is important to gather any relevant information related to your work, including proof of the work performed and any contracts with property owners, subcontractors and suppliers.

At Storey Law Group, we can help you file a construction lien with the confidence that the procedure is being completed correctly. We will ensure that all deadlines are met and that you do not have to worry about filing a construction lien improperly. Our firm is also able to handle construction disputes, foreclosures and litigation related to breaches of contract and other issues.

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At Storey Law Group, P.A., our residential and commercial real estate lawyers have helped many contractors, subcontractors and others obtain the compensation that they deserve through construction liens and real estate litigation. From our offices in Orlando, Florida, we are able to conveniently serve the entire region of Central Florida.

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