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Florida Commercial Collection Lawyers

Unpaid receivables can create immediate and long-term problems for any company. If your company has been unsuccessful in its recovery efforts to date, it may be time to seek legal counsel. Based in Orlando, we at Storey Law Group, P.A., provide the full range of services to commercial lenders in Florida and beyond. Our lawyers provide zealous, ethical representation while remaining mindful of our clients legal and business objectives.

Debt Collection Attorneys Serving Commercial Creditors

In any collections matter, our primary concern is determining how to maximize our clients' recovery in the shortest possible timeframe. Our lawyers will take all appropriate steps to collect what is owed, from writing demand letters and initiating suit through judgment. Once judgment has been taken, or if your company has already obtained a judgment, we can pursue all available post-judgment remedies. While aggressive, we are also pragmatic. In certain situations, a debtor may simply not have any assets to recover. In these situations we provide candid advice to our clients about the likelihood of future collection efforts.

Our collections practice frequently intersects with other parts of our default services practice. For instance, our lawyers may be required to seek a deficiency judgment in conjunction with foreclosure proceedings. In addition, when debtors file for bankruptcy relief, our law firm is prepared to take all steps within the law to mitigate these losses. Our Orlando commercial collection attorneys are prepared to take decisive action aimed at preserving your rights and maximizing your potential recovery.

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