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Central Florida Eviction Attorneys

Evicting an occupant of a foreclosed property, or a tenant who is not paying rent, contains a number of legal and procedural hurdles. In Florida, each county has its own rules regarding the eviction process. Mortgage lenders and landlords must have legal counsel who understand these laws in order to properly evict an occupant. At Storey Law Group, P.A., our Orlando eviction attorneys manage the eviction process for landlords and mortgage lenders throughout Florida. When representing landlords, our lawyers work diligently to accomplish our clients' goals in an efficient manner.

Seminole County Post-Foreclosure Eviction Attorneys

When a foreclosed property is occupied, the lender must comply with numerous rules. For instance, the mortgage lender cannot take the property until it has been purchased at a foreclosure sale and title has been issued. In addition, if the property is occupied by a tenant, the lender may have to wait 90 days before beginning eviction proceedings.

Once eviction proceedings have commenced, our law firm will work closely with the Clerk of Court and sheriff's office in the county where the eviction is taking place to complete the eviction as quickly as possible.

Our eviction practice complements other aspects of our lender representation practice, which includes foreclosures and REO. Whatever your needs entail, our law firm is prepared to provide exceptional representation and client service each step of the way.

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